Candidate's Agreement
I hereby agree to the following terms and conditions governing the counselling process of OJEE – 2015:
  1. I have gone through and understood the contents of Information Brochure and Counselling Brochure and eligibility criteria prescribed therein. I shall abide by rules and admission process of OJEE -2015 as specified in the Counselling Brochure.
  2. I know that during verification of documents, if any discrepancy is detected in original documents, category, reservations, state of eligibility and gender, then my seat allotment is liable to be cancelled.
  3. I know that the choices locked by me at the nodal centre is final and acceptable to me for seat allotment.
  4. I know that the personal information provided by me is correct and authentic.
  5. I agree to the following clause (applicable for physically challenged candidates, Women etc.) “Physically Challenged (PC) candidates and Women Candidates should exercise their choice of branch depending upon the nature of their physical disability. Their final admission is subject to the condition that the candidate is capable of carrying out all activities related to theory and practical work as applicable to Enginnering/Pharmacy/MBA/MCA/Medical/BDS/PGAT. courses without any special concessions and exemptions”